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Join the Mediterranean food at Crazy Forks beachside restaurant.

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Roda beach, Corfu 490 81

the story

The Story, the Dream

It all started in 1999, when Vasilis, still a child, decided to make a career out of what he loved most, cooking.

So began a journey into the world of flavors and aromas, a constant search for flavors and new ideas. Crazy Forks started as a dream, the dream of Vasilis and Clara.

Clara from a young age also loved cooking. Coming from a traditional family, she learned from childhood to cook for those she loves without compromising on quality, always offering the best.

Since 2010, when they met for the first time, in a kitchen, they immediately understood that they have a lot in common. One of them was their love of making others happy through their food. Food based on the finest raw materials and pure flavors, cooked with love like a Sunday table with family and friends.

That’s how we dreamed up Crazy Forks. A place made with love that offers satisfaction for all needs of good food, fun, peace and relaxation.
A place that makes you dream.

We hope you enjoy it.

Vasilis & Clara

Experience Mediterranean bliss by the beach at our restaurant, where the freshest ingredients and breathtaking views unite for an unforgettable dining experience.


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